Author Interview: Raymond E. Feist

Today I am interviewing Raymond E. Feist, author of the new epic fantasy novel, Master of Furies, final book in the Firemane saga!

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DJ: Hi Raymond! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview! 
For readers who aren’t familiar with you, could you tell us a little about yourself?

Raymond E. Feist:  My official bio has all the usual stuff, born in L.A., moved to San Diego fifty odd years ago, traveled a lot, got fired from many jobs before discovering writing.  Educated at UC San Diego, and the rest of that sort of data. At my age, wanderlust, romance, and adventures are mostly fond memories and (slightly exaggerated) stories.  Writing is the toughest and best job I’ve ever had.  I write to entertain, nothing more, but occasionally good fiction touches on a truth or two that readers take seriously,  My kids are grown and moved away.  My current vices include sports (San Diego Padres and Los Angeles Rams), really good whisky, great films (and a few guilty pleasures), and reading history and biographies.

DJ: What is Master of Furies and then the Firemane saga about?

Raymond:  There really is no twenty-five word or less answer to that one. The smart aleck answer is, “About four hundred and eighty pages, and three novels, respectively.”  Summing up novels is tricky, because of spoilers, so let’s start with the Firemane Saga.  My novels are all pretty much find a character and stick him or her into a world of hurt then see how they cope.  The three novel chart the journey of three main characters, Hatushaly, the scion to a fallen kingdom, raised in secret by a hidden nation of criminals and assassins.  He has known Hava, a young woman who was also raised by the same people.  Third is Declan, a smith’s apprentice who becomes a master swordmaker.  Destiny brings them together, with their stories intertwined by fate.  Revenge becomes a factor in all their lives and drives them along paths none could anticipate.

Master of Furies is the third volume in that story, resolving horrific events and conflict detailed in the previous two books, bringing our main characters and others to life changing choices and irreversible consequences. Mysterious enemies are revealed and massive challenges manifest.  Lives are forever changed and new confrontations arise that span worlds.

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