My name is DJ!

(You might know me from my previous blog, MyLifeMyBooksMyEscape)

(If you’re wondering why I decided to change blog, I want you to read my previous blog’s name again)

I am both a Bookworm and a M.D.!

(While I read even less than I did when I still got into book blogging, I still buy and collect nearly the same amount)

The types of books here will mainly be science-fiction and fantasy!

(With the occasional horror and thrillers)

Once I started my journey on medicine, I loved the book and sf/f/h community so much, I decided to keep the blog, and switch from book reviews to author interviews!

And I mean HEAVY on author interviews!

(I had about 500 interviews on my previous blog)

You can expect anywhere from 2-4 interview per week!

There is a Podcast coming soon too!

(Expected launch date is August 2022!)

Comments are both allowed and encourage! (though I may be tardy to reply these days)

You can also find me on Goodreads, and be sure to follow me on Twitter! 😀